The Made-to-measure experience

Your sartorial adventure with Scabal comprises of selecting the finest luxury fabric, choosing the style of the cut crafted with Savile Row tailors techniques to suit your individual measurements, down to picking your unique personalised detailing both inside-and-out.

Scabal styles

Whether slim or classically cut, choose from our exclusive models to start your custom suit experience. Our tailoring consultants will always be on hands to take your measurements and advise you. All our suits are individually crafted at our workshop in Germany since 1989.


A more tailored base, a slimmer overall cut and a softer shoulder


Curzon Street is legendary amongst Londoners for its trailblazing residents. Great reformers, eccentric hedonists and peerless musicians have all made homes in this area. The Curzon model features a softer shoulder, a slim cut, giving it a natural drape and follows all of our time honoured sartorial techniques.


A slimmer cut with a more rounded shoulder


Having been the centre of the world's most vibrant metropolis, Soho is home to the city's creative elite, with top-end fashion, advertising and cultural creation happening mere doors away. This energy has inspired a suit that features a contemporary cut with a natural shoulder, perfect for the modern gentleman.


The regular fit and classic sensibility


The most distinguished borough of the Capital, Mayfair is the home to many of the world's master tailors within Savile Row. The Mayfair cut offers comfort with a structured shoulder, a generous lapel and classic silhouette that will never go out of style. A truly timeless piece of traditional tailoring.

The World's finest Fabrics


At Scabal everything begins with cloth, which is why we offer our made-to-measure suit customers an awe-inspiring selection of luxury cloths, many of which are woven at our heritage English mill. The world’s finest wool, cooling pure linen, softest cashmere and rarest silk are only a few of the outstanding choices available.

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Personalizing a made-to-measure suit is all about adapting the garment to your taste, balancing your choices and benefiting from a suits made to your exacting specifications.

Suit personalisation: Make It Yours


Our in-house tailors will advise you about our unique options available to personalise your suit. Every aspect of its construction, from lapels to trouser pleats, is outlined by you, while handpicked buttons, linings and even under-collar embroidery can all help to stamp an indelible mark on your garment.

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To begin or continue your adventure into elegance with Scabal, simply contact your nearest Scabal Club and arrange a personal appointment.


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Your home, office or hotel room are all eligible for a visit. Let us take the hassle out of your appointment by contacting one of our Tailoring Consultants to arrange a personal visit.

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